Progress Report: September 15, 2013

To make sure I stay on track, and to let you all know how things are going, I’m going to try to post a progress report once a week.  In these progress reports I will update my homemade MBA plan Gantt chart, and see how things are going.

9-15-2013 progress report

My main progress this week was on my Business Strategy course.  I was glad to see that the professor released the first two weeks of material at once.  This gave me the chance to work ahead a little bit before my other courses kick off.  I was able to get both weeks of Business Strategy done this week, and I was also able to start on the final project – which is a full-blown strategic analysis of a company of my choice.  The workload of Business Strategy is pretty reasonable, and the material is very good so far.


Tomorrow, my second homemade MBA course begins: Intro to Financial Accounting.  I’m hoping that the material is released all at once, so I can work at my own pace in this one.  I’m expecting it to be intense, as it’s from Wharton.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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