Progress Report: October 8, 2013

This weekend I was quite industrious and made a lot of progress on Coursera.  However, I did have to sacrifice making my scheduled progress report this weekend, but that’s ok.  Here’s a quick recap of what I covered since my last update.


First, I updated my homemade MBA plan (see below) because one of the Coursera courses was delayed.  Critical Perspectives on Management has changed the start date to January 2014.  This is great news to me because it spaces out my courses a little better (five concurrent courses instead of six).

Progress Report: October 8, 2013

Progress Report: October 8, 2013

I’m happy to say that I am still keeping my head above water, despite going from two to five active courses.  Here’s my progress course by course:

  • Strategy:  maintained pace with lectures and quizzes, and made some significant progress on the final project.  Everything is due by midnight this Sunday, so the heat is on to finish up.
  • Accounting: completed Week 3 material on schedule.  Nothing new here.  The midterm is coming up soon.
  • Entrepreneurship:  I love the fact that I can work ahead in this class.  I wish all the classes released materials all at the beginning like this one.  I was able to complete Weeks 1-3 this weekend.  More on this in my “first impressions” post for this class.
  • Operations:  took a look through the material – looks good.  First deadline isn’t till October 21, so I put this on the back burner for now.
  • International Organizations Management:  took a look through the material and saw that the hard deadlines are all at the end of the course.  As such, I put this one on the back burner for this week.


This week I intend to finish Strategy completely (woohoo!), and maintain pace with the other four. I have a little catching up to do in Operations and International Organizations Management, so I plan to do this as well.  I doubt I’ll have extra time, but if I do I will work ahead in Entrepreneurship. 


Also, I have been jotting down some notes regarding my first impressions of all the new classes, and will make posts about these later on when I have a little more spare time.  For the moment, my attention remains on keeping up with the Coursera workload.

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