Progress Report: October 13, 2013

I rocked out with Coursera this weekend, like all cool kids do.  I’m on the verge of finishing my first Homemade MBA course – maybe Monday or Tuesday.  Here’s my updated homemade MBA plan Gantt chart:

October 13, 2013 Progress Report

October 13, 2013 Progress Report

I liked the organization of last week’s progress report, so I’m going to adopt it for my future updates.  That said, here is my progress course by course:

  • Strategy:  finished all lecture videos, quizzes, and the final project.  The only remaining thing to do is five peer evaluations of other final projects.  These should become live tomorrow, so I intend to do them tomorrow night.  This should be my first completed homemade MBA course.  I’m pretty pumped.
  • Accounting: completed Week 4 material on schedule as planned.  The midterm is released this Wednesday, so that’s a priority for this upcoming week.
  • Entrepreneurship:  I took advantage of being able to work ahead in this class again this week.  I was able to complete Weeks 4 and 5 this weekend.  All that’s left is Week 6, which I hope to get to this week.  Ideally, I can finish this and Strategy before my Accounting midterm on Wednesday.  We’ll see.
  • Operations:  I officially got rolling in Operations last week.  I watched all the Module 1 lectures, and I completed and submitted the first of five milestones, which is due October 21.  The next task in this class is the peer evaluation of other classmates’ milestones, which isn’t released until October 21st, so this class goes back to the back burner this week.
  • International Organizations Management:  again, because there are no hard deadlines until November, I didn’t work on this class last week.  I’ll try to start catching up in this class this week, but Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting take priority.


Also, Wharton’s Intro to Marketing goes live tomorrow.  So, it’s high time I finish up some of these other courses before I get going with yet another one.


Other than that, I’m pretty pumped to be finishing my first (and maybe even my second) homemade MBA courses this week.  I don’t have any travel with work this week, so I should be able to make some really good progress.

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