Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 28

Homemade MBA is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

This week, I “went public” with my Homemade MBA project!  In other words, I finally posted to the Coursera discussion forums about my Homemade MBA idea, and asked if any of my fellow students were doing the same thing, or something similar, and asked for their feedback on my approach as documented on this site.  …

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Nov 24

Homemade MBA Progress Report: November 24, 2013

For the first time in a few weeks, I was back at home and back to my normal routine.  My normal routine, this week, happened to be chock-full of Coursera!  I made massive progress on my homemade MBA this week, and polished off not one, but two Coursera classes.   Thanks to a big effort …

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Nov 17

First Impressions: Case Western Reserve’s Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

A screenshot from Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence showing the professor's engaging lecture style

The latecomer to my homemade MBA is Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.  The course title and description piqued my interest, and now I have consumed a week of material here is what I think.   Professional video lectures Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (which I will shorten to “Leadership” henceforth) makes use of a very …

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Nov 17

Progress Report: November 17, 2013

This was my second week of business travel in a row.  I was in the UK from Tuesday – Saturday, and occupied with work-related meetings and evening events the entire time.  I am back home now, but I’m exhausted, and I only had today (Sunday) to work on my homemade MBA Coursera classes.   Being …

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Nov 10

Progress Report: November 10, 2013

This week I was swamped with work, travel for work, and a touch of food poisoning.  Thus, I didn’t make the normal strides in my homemade MBA project.  Instead, I triaged my Coursera workload, and only did the bare minimum to avoid grade penalties.   I was able to meet the hard deadlines as required …

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Nov 09

First Impressions: Wharton’s Coursera Intro to Corporate Finance

This is the real deal. This class IS Intro to Corporate Finance exactly as you would take it at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.  I’m shocked that this is the real thing, but offered for free on Coursera.  How do I know it’s the real thing?  Because the professor spent a few minutes …

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Nov 03

Progress Report: November 3, 2013

Wharton’s Intro to Corporate Finance and Case Western’s Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence made their first appearances this week, and I kept up with everything else.  I will go into detail in my First Impressions post for each of these new classes, but overall I think these are both very promising.   I was able …

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