Progress Report: November 3, 2013

Wharton’s Intro to Corporate Finance and Case Western’s Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence made their first appearances this week, and I kept up with everything else.  I will go into detail in my First Impressions post for each of these new classes, but overall I think these are both very promising.


I was able to maintain pace this week, which meant completing one week of material in 6 courses.


Here’s how that looks on my homemade MBA Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA Progress Report: November 3, 2013

Homemade MBA Progress Report: November 3, 2013

Here’s a break down of last week, class-by-class:

  • Accounting:  As promised, Week 7 had a lot of long videos on Present Values and Future Values, and it was a lot to get through.  I managed, though, and also got my first 100% on a homework in this class.
  • Operations:  I kept up with Operations this week, but no major milestons.  I have completed the first four modules of videos, and submitted the first two milestones of the Coursera Operations Project.  This week I need to do the second round of peer evaluations for the big project, as well as submit my own project Milestone 3.
  • International Organizations Management:  I finished this class last week.  The Week 5 material and quiz was short and sweet, like the rest of the course.  I’m expecting a Statement of Accomplishment soon!
  • Marketing:  I completed Week 3 of marketing, and it’s still great.  This week I took the first quiz in this class (1 of 3 such quizzes, each work 20% of the final grade), and it was pretty good.  I got a 90%, so I’m happy with that.
  • Corporate Finance: This class started Monday, and it’s going to be intense.  See the full story in my First Impressions post about it, but this class is the actual Wharton Finance class – the exact thing.  It’s going to be a lot of work, and difficult work at that.  Game on!  (Oh, and I completed week 1 per the syllabus)
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence:  This class started Monday as well.  So far, it looks pretty interesting (like always, you can check my First Impressions post for details).  This one makes use of a lot of different tools/activities, and will be interesting to see what this is like.  I completed week one per the syllabus.


I’m a little worried about keeping up over the next two weeks because I have business trips both weeks.  While exciting and usually fun (e.g. Italy and UK this time), the travel tends to increase my workload and reduce my energy level.  We’ll see how it goes!


P.S. I received my Statement of Accomplishment for Foundations of Business Strategy this week.  I got a 100% in the class!

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