Progress Report: November 17, 2013

This was my second week of business travel in a row.  I was in the UK from Tuesday – Saturday, and occupied with work-related meetings and evening events the entire time.  I am back home now, but I’m exhausted, and I only had today (Sunday) to work on my homemade MBA Coursera classes.


Being that I only had one real day to work on my homemade MBA this week, I prioritized my classes much like last week and focused on the material I had to completed today to avoid grade penalties.  All other work will have to wait till next week.


My Gantt chart is starting to run away from me a little bit, but I intend to catch up this week and next weekend.

Homemade MBA Progress Report, November 17, 2013

Homemade MBA Progress Report, November 17, 2013

Class-by-class breakdown of last week:

  • Accounting:   no progress this week.  Next week I will complete Week 9 & 10, and hopefully take the final.  If all goes to plan, I can complete Accounting next week.
  • Operations:  no progress this week.  Next week I intend to finish the Coursera Operations Project and watch the last week of video lectures.  If all goes well, I can also finish Operations next week.
  • Marketing:  I watched the Week 4 and Week 5 videos on Customer Centricity this week.  It was very interesting stuff and relevant for my job and meetings this week.  When the things I am learning from my homemade MBA help me at work, I really love my homemade MBA project!
  • Corporate Finance:  I completed Week 3 this week.  In addition to Marketing, this was the only other real Coursera work I did this week.
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence:  No progress this week.  I will complete Week 2/3 next week.  This is the class I am most behind in, but I’m going to try and finish off Accounting and Operations before I catch up here.  The next hard deadline in this class is November 24, so I have some time to finish the other courses and get caught up with this one.


While waiting at the airport(s) while traveling this week, I was also able to write up my full-text review of the University of Maryland’s Coursera Entrepreneurship class.  I posted it here in the “Curriculum” drop-down menu next to my review of the Darden Foundations of Business Strategy Coursera class.  Hope you like it!

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