Homemade MBA is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

This week, I “went public” with my Homemade MBA project!  In other words, I finally posted to the Coursera discussion forums about my Homemade MBA idea, and asked if any of my fellow students were doing the same thing, or something similar, and asked for their feedback on my approach as documented on this site.  The response has been fantastic, and I’m excited to hear that there are other people out there doing this with me.


A few of the comments I received asked if I had a Homemade MBA Facebook page, LinkedIn Group, or Twitter account.  Of course, it seems so obvious to me now that I should have had these social media accounts set up all along, but I didn’t.  So, I quickly created them yesterday!


Fb logo

Homemade MBA Facebook page

LinkedIn logo

Homemade MBA LinkedIn group

Twitter logo

Homemade MBA Twitter


Now, we can all discuss our Homemade MBA projects via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter!  You can also get to these pages by clicking the icons at the top of the website.


I hope you will use these new channels, as well as this site, to post your feedback, share your ideas, and help each other out as we all try to make our own MBAs.

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