Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 8, 2013

It was smooth sailing this week, with no major surprises or milestones.  I kept pace with my current classes, and wrote my review of Wharton’s Intro to Financial Accounting.


This week’s Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 8, 2013

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 8, 2013

Here is my class-by-class breakdown of last week:

  • Operations:  (Same as last week) I left this class as 99% complete because technically, I still have to submit 5 more peer evaluations for the last module of the Coursera Operations Project.  However, these evaluations are not available until December 9, so I must wait until then to complete the last step.
  • Marketing:  I completed the Week 8 videos and took the third Quiz this week.  I am nearing the finish line in this class, with only one week of videos and the final exam remaining.  As far as I know, I will finish Marketing next week.
  • Corporate Finance:  I got a slight reprieve from Corporate Finance this week as we were back to the normal videos-and-a-homework routine after last week’s bout with that Case Study.  I’m getting a little nervous for the Final Exam, though, as the videos this week are implying that it will be a timed exam, and that we’ll have to be on top of our game to finish the exam in the allotted time.  TBD if the Coursera version will also be timed.  Let’s hope it isn’t.
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence:  I spent some time working on Leadership this week, and was able to cover a lot of ground.  I caught up with the discussion posts, “personal learning assignments”, quizzes, readings, and videos for Weeks 4, 5, and 6.  I still am in the process of writing my “personal vision,” but I hope to finish it this week.  This brings me back up to pace with this class, which I had been putting off for the last week or two.


This was a pretty calm week.  Or, perhaps it just seemed that way in comparison to the workload of the Corporate Finance case last week?  I am kind of dreading the Corporate Finance final exam next week.  Who knows, maybe it won’t be that bad?  I’ll let you know what I think next week.  Also, next week I hope to write my review of Wharton’s Intro to Operations Management.


    • Kim Samson on December 16, 2013 at 4:21 am
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    I really appreciate the effort you have put into developing this website. It is excellent. I basically stumbled on to Coursera while looking for a class for my son. I graduated in 1985 with a BS in Finance from a major University. I am doing this for fun, but have no knowledge of Excel, so as you can imagine, it has been a major challenge. So far I have done reasonably well. However, I am committing to taking an Excel class, because I can see how much easier this has been for those who know how to use it. The case study was a bear without the ability to use Excel, and took an extreme amount of hours. I did complete all questions. As far as your assessment of the Corporate Finance class, I mostly agree. Although, I don’t agree with your characterization of our professor. I thought he was exemplary. In fact, I was able to watch most videos, read some chapters, but quickly realized his instruction was so good in the videos, it was enough instruction for me to be able to complete the work without much else. I am not a great mathematician, by any stretch. I do have more time than most, but didn’t spend any longer than 10 hours per week, except the week of the case. I found Dr. Allen to be funny, patient, very organized and well structured. Haven’t noticed “eye-rolling, but I have at times only listened to the lecture while doing other things. Thank you for your exceptional work on your website!!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I bet the case was tough without Excel! You’ll look back on that case and laugh when you get up to speed on Excel and see how much faster you can do the calculations in a spreadsheet.

      Keep in touch and maybe we’ll be classmates again in 2014. Good luck with your studies!

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