Review of International Organizations Management

I just posted my review of of University of Geneva’s International Organizations Management Coursera course under the Curriculum section of this site.


I apologize for the delay, as I completed this course some time ago, but have only now gotten around to writing this review.


As I didn’t discuss my Homemade MBA project in the discussion forums of this class, I don’t know that many of my International Organizations Management classmates are familiar with this site.  However, if some of you are reading this, what did you think of the class?


For those of you out there that are considering taking this class in the future, I recommend reading my full review of the class before enrolling so you can determine if it really meets your needs or not.  If you do end up taking the class, please let me know what you think, and if your experiences differ from mine!


Good luck!


  1. Hi, I feel this course is quite good describing UN, but think it would talk more about general NGOs instead of much specifically focused on UN and its affiliates.

    Good point is that the course gave us an image of fundraising and relating topics, which could be applied to one’s NGO working with, or even the NGO you may wish to startup yourself (with a team) 🙂

    I’ve also taken a short note on this course here, cheers:

    • Stefan on April 13, 2015 at 11:55 pm
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    This was by far the worst course I have ever taken, on Coursera or in real life! This course was so bad that it didn’t even meet the criteria for “worst case scenario” expectations. It was disorganized, with too many non-professor researchers, with obiouslly ZERO teaching experience just stitching together an incoherent bunch of garbage. The course was barely even about International Organization Management. It should have been called “here is some loose information on International Organizations”. The only section which I could even halfway learn anything from was the marketing part.
    I got so tired of watching these ivory tower residents trying to complete each others sentences that I quit watching the lectures after 3 weeks and just winged the quizzes. Never taking a course from that university again.

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for your feedback. I think you make some good observations, and I agree that this was one of the least useful courses I took while making my Homemade MBA. That said, it was interesting to see the approach the university took – as it was quite different than most of the US-based institutions with Coursera offerings. I guess sometimes we get what we paid for!

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