Dec 12

Review of Introduction to Operations Management

I just posted my review of of Wharton’s Introduction to Operations Management Coursera course under the Curriculum section of this site.

Intro to Operations Management, part of the Wharton Foundations series

Intro to Operations Management, part of the Wharton Foundations series

Perhaps this review of Operations Management is a touch premature, being that I haven’t received my official Statement of Accomplishment yet, but it should arrive in short order so I figured I could go ahead and review the course.  FYI – I did complete this class in its entirety, via the practitioner track.


For those of you who also took this class, did you take the academic track or the practitioner track?


If you took the academic track, I’m really interested to hear what you thought of it.  Please leave some feedback in the comments below so those of us who took the practitioner track can see what it was like.


Those of you who also took the practitioner track, what did you think of the Coursera Operations Project?


Regardless of which track appeals to you, if you’re thinking of taking this class (if it is offered again), I highly recommend it.  I think this is one of the most practical, applicable courses on Coursera.  It is certainly the most directly applicable class I have taken yet as part of my Homemade MBA project.


Good luck!

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