Corporate Finance Statements of Accomplishment Released!

Great news for those of us who earned enough points to “pass” Wharton’s Introduction to Corporate Finance class on Coursera – the Statements of Accomplishment have been released!

Finance Statement of Accomplishment

Finance Statement of Accomplishment

I also posted this in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of my site.


I’m not sure what took so long for Wharton/Coursera to send these out. In my previous Coursera classes, the Statements of Accomplishment are typically sent out a week or two after the class, and this one took over a month.   I like to think that both Wharton and Coursera were being extra careful with these Statements of Accomplishment because this was such a difficult class, but who knows?  Either way, I’m really happy to have this little .pdf!


It’s funny how something as simple as a Statement of Accomplishment, or a Certificate, or any other form of authentication can be such a motivational force.  I find myself willing to do the extra work it takes to earn the statement in these Coursera classes even though I think you could learn about as much without earning the required percentage.  Although, I will admit that building this website has been a secondary motivator to earn the statements as well.


What do you think?  Are you motivated by certificates, awards, or statements of accomplishment like this?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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