Homemade MBA Semester 2 Kick-off!

For those of you that follow this site, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted my usual Progress Reports for the last few weeks.  This is because, save a few cosmetic changes to the website, I haven’t had much to do on my homemade MBA project the last few weeks.  But that’s about to change…


Although it’s not a “Progress Report”, in the spirit of the currently ongoing NFL Playoffs let’s call this the “Kick-off” of my second semester of my homemade MBA.  Yesterday, the first Week of material was released for Critical Perspectives on Management from IE Business School, so I can finally dive in to some new content.  I watched the video-introduction to the class on Saturday, and this class looks like it will be great.


Just for fun, here is an updated Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA "Semester 2"

Homemade MBA “Semester 2”

As this is my only class for the moment, there isn’t the big class-by-class breakdown that I had a few months ago in my “first semester” of my homemade MBA project.  Thad said, here’s a line or two about what we did this week:

  • Critical Perspectives on Management:  watched the introductory video, read through the course syllabus, and started to work on Week one. This looks like it will be a very well-produced class.  I’ll get into more details on a First Impressions post once I have gone through the Week 1 material.


I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things on Coursera and on my Homemade MBA project.  This semester should be a bit more enjoyable, as I can focus on one class at a time for a change.  I hope that gives me some time to be a bit more thorough in my review posts, as well as more time to soak up the course material.


For those of you also taking Critical Perspectives on Management, good luck!

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