Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 20, 2014

Now that I’m back into study mode for the second semester of my Homemade MBA, I’m getting back in the habit of letting you know how things are going with my weekly progress reports.


Last week, I made my way through the first Week of material in Critical Perspectives on Management from IE Business School.  As usual, I will make a separate First Impressions post to give you my detailed thoughts on this class from what I can tell by the first week of content.


Here is my updated Gantt chart:

Gantt Chart of my Homemade MBA, January 20, 2014 update

Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 20, 2014

And a line or two about what we did this week:

  • Critical Perspectives on Management:  completed Week 1 material including video lectures, assigned reading, and a quiz.


This update was short and sweet.  Stay tuned for my First Impressions post if you want more information about Critical Perspectives on Management.

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