Join me for Semester 2 of my Homemade MBA!

This year, don’t just follow along with my progress reports – it’s time to get in the game!  Why don’t you join me for the second semester of my homemade MBA project?!


It just dawned on me that most of you who come across this site are probably either making your own homemade MBAs, or are interested in making your own version of a do-it-yourself MBA at some point in the future.  Well, the time is now.


It’s easy…to join, all you need to do is enroll in the following Coursera courses:

These are free, online class offered by Coursera, a trusted Massive Open Online Course provider.


These four courses will take you through “part 2” of my self-study MBA.  We will start right now with Critical Perspectives on Management, and will end at the beginning of June when Globalization and You is completed.


The workload should start off around four hours per week, then climb to a maximum of around 24 hours per week for a short period of time in April (when Financial Markets, Intro to Public Speaking, and Globalization and You are all going at the same time), then drop back down to about six hours per week for May and June.


Not convinced?  Here are a few more reasons why you should join me:

  • First of all, there are only four classes scheduled for this semester, which is a pretty reasonable workload (for those of us who are doing this part time, while working a normal job)
  • Secondly, these courses all come from very reputable universities including: IE Business School, Yale, and University of Washington
  • Third, everything is absolutely 100% free through Coursera, one of the best MOOC providers
  • And finally, we can discuss our thoughts and opinions about the courses through this website as we are taking them – almost as if we are an MBA cohort


I strongly encourage you to join me – even if just for one class and not all four.  If you haven’t tried Coursera, or a MOOC before, what better time to start??  We can discuss the classes on this site as we are taking them, and I can help answer any Coursera-related questions if you have any.


Those of you who are in the classes already, or want to join me this semester, give me a shout in the comments section below!


    • SusanJ on January 22, 2014 at 6:30 am
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    Great site! Greay Idea!

    • Terry Emanuel on January 26, 2014 at 12:03 am
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    I am in the Critical Perspectives on Management course and took Prof Bushee’s Intro to Financial Accounting last fall. Taking these courses has led me to wonder if I could actually have earned an MBA at university. It’s all so interesting and not horribly difficult. I think, though, that one is expected to have an undergraduate degree before they can even be considered for an MBA program. I didn’t go to college. I raised a family instead and joined the work force at age 41. I’m now 57 so too old to compete with the younger, more educated and savvy college grads. Anyway, what you’re doing sounds like fun. I will bookmark your webpage and look forward to seeing your progress. Best of luck. Oh, is there any way to make the Share bar go away while reading your site? Regards, Terry

    1. Hi Terry! Nice to hear from a fellow Courserian and classmate. I’m sure you could earn an MBA, but why bother now that you can do it yourself for free online? 🙂 Do join us and make your own homemade MBA, and keep us in the loop with your progress!

      Regarding the social Share bar…you’re totally right. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s pretty annoying, huh? It’s gone now! Thanks for the feedback.

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