Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence Statements of Accomplishment Released!

After what seems like forever, Coursera and Case Western Reserve University have finally issued the Statements of Accomplishment for Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence!

Image of my Coursera Statement of Accomplishment from Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Statement of Accomplishment: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Case Western Reserve University

As expected, I have posted mine in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of this site.


This was the last of my “first semester” courses, and thus my last outstanding Coursera Statement of Accomplishment.  Now I’m on to semester two, and will have to put in some more hard work if I want more of these Statements to put up!


Also, I’m considering adding these to my LinkedIn profile, or to my resume somehow.  I’m not sure what makes the most sense – do I just make a list and include every course I have completed, pick and choose relevant courses and insert them where appropriate, or just talk about my whole homemade MBA project?


Have any of you done this already?  Suggestions welcome!

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  1. Congrats for completion!

    The issuance process indeed had taken quite a while… I’ve also tracked my record here: 🙂

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