Hello from Asia!

My apologies for the unprecedented gap in posts – I just relocated from Europe to Asia, and have been a bit busy!   This move comes as a result of taking on a new position at work (same company).


Now that I am (more or less) settled again, I can pick up where I left off with my homemade MBA.  In addition to being free and available online, this geographical flexibility is what makes a homemade MBA so great!  If I was at a brick-and-mortar MBA program, not only would I have missed out on this fantastic job opportunity (because I wouldn’t be working, obviously), but I also wouldn’t even have the option of relocating.  With my do-it-yourself MBA, I am 100% flexible with the timing, location, and pace of my MBA studies.  How can a traditional program compete with that!?


Once I find a few more spare minutes, I will post my normal Homemade MBA Progress Report to bridge the gap between my last update and now.  I also owe you all a summary of Critical Perspectives on Management – the latest MOOC I completed.


For those of you who follow this site, or are working on your own self-study MBAs in Asia please get in touch with me via the comments section and let me know what you’re up to.  I enjoyed my time in Europe, but I’m happy to be back in Asia!


  1. Hi friend~ where are you referring for Asia?

    If you have a chance to visit Beijing, email me and we could arrange a meetup 🙂

    Keep learning and cheers~

    1. Hey Cedric! I’m based in Singapore now, but will likely be in and out of China frequently. I’ll let you know if I’m going to be in Beijing!

      1. 😉

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