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As I find news about MOOCs, I will try to post the links to MOOC articles and MOOC stories in the MOOC News section of this site.  Please share the MOOC info you find here as well and hopefully we can build a useful MOOC news library for everyone to use.


This article, called, “Don’t be a MOOC Dropout: How to Survive and Thrive in a Massive Open Online Course,” is from (see link below).  This article was suggested by the professor of my upcoming Intro to Public Speaking course (University of Washington) on Coursera.

MOOC News and Reviews


This is a good introduction to MOOCS, and is probably of the most benefit to those of you out there who are new to the MOOC scene.  For those of you who have taken a bunch of Massive Open Online Courses, then perhaps the last part about things to do after a MOOC could be of interest to you.


Either way, enjoy the article, and good luck with your MOOC-ing!

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