First Impressions: Globalization and You

First of all, well done with the introductory video.  Not only did you tell us what to expect in the class, you showed us a bit of personality as well.

Globalization and YouUniversity of Washington logo

I like the fact that you filmed the intro video after filming the rest of the content, so you can refer to specific things that we should watch out for as viewers.  It was also extremely refreshing that you poked fun of yourself a little bit, and showed that there is some fun and trial and error in the process of creating these MOOCs.


I also liked that you introduced your camera crew and grad students, as any undertaking like this is surely a team effort.  Well done, Prof. Sparke.  We’re off to a good start.


Okay, a few nit picks.  The graphic for the course is a bit 90’s, as is the intro and outro music.  While it can be a good touch to have these features to bookend the content of a video lecture, poorly executed ones such as this are just kind of annoying.

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