Homemade MBA Progress Report: June 29, 2014

This week I started the final course in my Homemade MBA plan – Globalization and You.  You can see my first impressions here in my appropriately named First Impressions: Globalization and You post.


Back to my beloved Gantt charts!  I haven’t updated these in a while, mainly because it wasn’t as critical to keep track of everything when I was only doing one course at a time.  Nonetheless, here is my updated chart:

Homemade MBA Progress Report 6-26-2014

Homemade MBA Progress Report 6-29-2014

The Gantt chart does a good job of illustrating why I haven’t posted as many Progress Reports over the last few months.  There just hasn’t been that much to say on the Coursera front.


This has worked well for me, as I transitioned to a new job in February/March and I have been much busier than I was when I started this project last year.  The flexibility offered by doing a self-study MBA like this is one of the biggest benefits of a homemade MBA vs. a traditional MBA.  I can still cover the topics I want to cover and learn the material, but I can adjust the pace according to my work schedule.  This really is ideal for a full-time employee.


Anyway, I will keep you updated throughout Globalization and You.  You can look forward to me sharing any interesting tidbits or articles as we march through the next 10 weeks of content.


After that, I will spend some time reflecting on my homemade MBA project.  I will revisit some of the advice you all provided in the comments section (e.g. other MOOC platforms, courses, etc.), and see what the next step in my homemade MBA project should be!

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