A second chance to take Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

A few days late, and perhaps a dollar short, I’d like to pass along the announcement of the second offering of Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, by Case Western Reserve University.

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Award for worst Coursera course image…”Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence”

The second running of this course started May 15th, but you can still join today if you want to participate (here is the link).


Though I think the focus on emotional intelligence is important for any good leader, I think this course left some room for improvement.  Click here to read my review of Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.  Given, this was over a year ago now.  There is a decent chance the course has been improved since then, and this offering could be much better.


A final observation (which will come as no surprise to those that have read my posts before) – please stop using MOOCS to solicit funding or make money.  If you click the link to the Coursera webpage in the top paragraph, you will soon be greeted with the following message:

MOOC money request

MOOC money request

I get it.  Everyone playing around in the ‘MOOC space’ is hustling to some extent, and probably has an entrepreneurial bent.  But seriously?  A kickstarter campaign to fund Neuroscience research?  This just rubs me the wrong way. In my opinion, basic research isn’t too be funded the same way small businesses are.  Stick to teaching and applying for grants.


End rant.

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