A big day for Homemade MBAs: MIT announces MOOC Micro-MBA

On October 7, 2015, MIT announced a ground-breaking step in embracing MOOCs in the mainstream with the introduction of their “Micro Masters.”


MIT announces new Micro MBA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is well known for being filled with technical geniuses and math lovers of all kinds, so it is apt that they made this MOOC-loving announcement with a new equation:

Online Courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT Masters Degree


This is an exciting announcement for those of us in the pro MOOC community, as it reinforces our early-adopter status and adds significant academic clout to MOOCs.  We now have MIT, a powerhouse institution and one of the most prestigious technical universities in the world using MOOCs to help their students earn a real-life masters degree.  This is a big deal.


This will be a very interesting space to watch, as MIT’s Supply Chain program, and Sloan MBA in general, are consistently ranked in the top 10 and usually top 5 MBA programs.  For such a top-tier program to add MOOCs in a credit-granting function is a significant step forward for the MOOC world.  Let’s hope that other highly regarded universities see this move by MIT as a step in the right direction, and follow suit.


In the meantime, keep on keepin’ on with your DIY MBA projects.  Keep taking those business-school MOOCs, reading business books, and self teaching yourself the equivalent MBA skills in your own free time, for free.

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