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Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence Statements of Accomplishment Released!

After what seems like forever, Coursera and Case Western Reserve University have finally issued the Statements of Accomplishment for Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence! As expected, I have posted mine in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of this site.   This was the last of my “first semester” courses, and thus my last …

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Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 26, 2014

Gantt chart of my homemade MBA progress, January 26, 2014

This week was pretty hectic at work, so my homemade MBA progress was limited.  I wrote my First Impressions post for Critical Perspectives on Management, but I didn’t make it to the week to material.   Here is this week’s lackluster Gantt chart: And the details of my lack of progress this week: Critical Perspectives …

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First Impressions: IE Business School’s Critical Perspectives on Management

A screenshot of the Critical Perspectives on Management introductory video showing multiple camera angles

The first course in semester two of my homemade MBA is Critical Perspectives on Management, brought to us via Coursera from IE Business School in Spain.  I have completed the first week of material, and here’s what I think so of it so far.   Professional video lectures Critical Perspectives on Management has some of …

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Join me for Semester 2 of my Homemade MBA!

This year, don’t just follow along with my progress reports – it’s time to get in the game!  Why don’t you join me for the second semester of my homemade MBA project?!   It just dawned on me that most of you who come across this site are probably either making your own homemade MBAs, …

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Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 20, 2014

Gantt Chart of my Homemade MBA, January 20, 2014 update

Now that I’m back into study mode for the second semester of my Homemade MBA, I’m getting back in the habit of letting you know how things are going with my weekly progress reports.   Last week, I made my way through the first Week of material in Critical Perspectives on Management from IE Business …

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Intro to Marketing Coursera course review posted

What great timing?  As I was writing this review of the Wharton MBA Foundation Series Introduction to Marketing course, Coursera was kind enough to release the Statements of Accomplishment!  So, in case you are wondering if I really did take it or not – see for yourself on the Statements of Accomplishment page!   As …

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Homemade MBA Semester 2 Kick-off!

For those of you that follow this site, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted my usual Progress Reports for the last few weeks.  This is because, save a few cosmetic changes to the website, I haven’t had much to do on my homemade MBA project the last few weeks.  But that’s about to …

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Corporate Finance Statements of Accomplishment Released!

Great news for those of us who earned enough points to “pass” Wharton’s Introduction to Corporate Finance class on Coursera – the Statements of Accomplishment have been released! I also posted this in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of my site.   I’m not sure what took so long for Wharton/Coursera to send these …

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Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 22, 2013

This week I finished Marketing and Leadership.  These were the last two courses I needed to finish this “semester” in order to stay on track with my Homemade MBA plan.  That means I get a break for the next few weeks! This week’s Gantt chart: Here is my class-by-class breakdown of last week: Marketing:  I …

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Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 15, 2013

This was a big week.  I completed two courses – Wharton’s Intro to Operations Management, and Wharton’s Intro to Corporate Finance.  I was pretty nervous about the Corporate Finance final, but in the end I didn’t think it was too bad.  I’ll take that as a sign that I actually learned some Finance!   I …

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