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Late Curriculum Addition – Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

I’m adding a new course to my homemade MBA!  I’m about half-way through my original homemade MBA plan, and I hate to make a change this late in the game (let alone making more work for myself…), but I think this course will fill a gap in my plan.   I’m adding Inspiring Leadership through …

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Homemade MBA Curriculum – Choosing my ‘hMBA’ Courses

In my previous post about my homemade MBA plan, I showed a Gantt chart of my homemade MBA curriculum.  This is a great way to visualize my plan, but not the best way to explain why I chose the courses I did.  This post will go through a description of each course I am taking, …

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My homemade MBA curriculum – a copy of HBS’ Required Curriculum

As I mentioned previously, I took a look at Harvard’s MBA curriculum to see what the key components of a good business school education are.  Why Harvard?  Easy – it’s the best.  Harvard Business School is not only the pioneer of business education, but consistently ranks as the #1 business school in both domestic and …

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