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Jan 21

Join me for Semester 2 of my Homemade MBA!

This year, don’t just follow along with my progress reports – it’s time to get in the game!  Why don’t you join me for the second semester of my homemade MBA project?!   It just dawned on me that most of you who come across this site are probably either making your own homemade MBAs, …

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Sep 12

For a Self-Taught MBA, Coursework Beats Reading Books

While researching how to put together a self study MBA, I came across a lot of information about the books I need to read to make my own MBA.  While I think reading business books is a good start, I don’t think it’s quite enough to call a self study MBA.  Here’s why I don’t …

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Sep 08

My homemade MBA plan

After a little more thought and a few revisions, I have arrived at my homemade MBA plan: Don’t you love Gantt charts?  I do.  Anyways, if you look at the chart, the obvious concern here is the overlapping courses in September and October.  According to the time estimates listed on Coursera, this could amount to …

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Sep 07

The Idea: a homemade MBA

Can I gain the same knowledge and skills through a self-taught MBA as I would through a real MBA at a brick and mortar school?   I’m really excited about this idea.  I’ll define what I mean by the “homemade MBA” in more detail in another post, but for now I just want to get …

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