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Coursera Specialization: the mini-MBA

For those of you making your own free MBAs out of MOOCs, I would like to bring to your attention Coursera’s new(ish) concept: Coursera Specializations. What is a Coursera Specialization? Coursera Specializations are kind of like my DIY MBA, but perhaps a bit smaller.  Whereas my MBA project consisted of 12 courses, the Coursera Specializations …

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M is for Massive, but don’t Misuse My MOOCs

Though Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are still a relatively new concept, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the Massive scale of MOOCs.  My inbox is frequently filled with MOOC-related emails, as I am on numerous email lists as a result of completing more than 10 MOOCs to create my …

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NovoEd’s Business Courses: Why Pay?

In their recent September newsletter, NovoEd published their latest list of MOOC course offerings.  A few items of interest included some promising business courses for you homemade MBA makers out there. New NovoEd online business course MOOCs that may pique your interest: Writing a Successful Business Plan Startup CEO Storytelling at Work   Writing a …

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College Unbound book

On-demand: The Future of Learning with MOOCs

As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) gain more momentum and credibility, people are beginning to consider the impact of on-demand learning to both the college experience and professional development.   In a great article titled “The Future of Professional Development: Online, Free, and Just-in-Time,” by Jeff Selingo, the author of College (Un)Bound, we consider the …

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Stanford Online – new MBA MOOCs

World-class academic powerhouse Stanford is leading the way in the MOOC revolution.  They offer a diverse range of classes on both business and non-business topics.  Stanford also splits their MOOC courses on various platforms including Coursera and NovoEd, so you have the chance to experience more than one MOOC platform as well.  I highly recommend …

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Harvard’s HBX: a misguided MOOC

There was a fantastic article in today’s New York Times called “Business School, Disrupted.”  The article discusses Harvard Business School’s strategy for online education.  Their solution: charge $1,500 for three online business school courses. Called the Credentials of Readiness (with the clever acronym CORe), your $1,500 investment grants you access to online courses covering Accounting, Analytics, …

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MOOC News and Reviews

Don’t be a MOOC Dropout!

For those of you who are new to the MOOC scene, check out this article, Don’t be a MOOC Dropout: How to Survive and Thrive in a Massive Open Online Course, on MOOC News and Reviews .com.   This intro-to-MOOCs article gives some good basic MOOC advice – such as the importance of …

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Much Skill Academy, seems to be a packager of MOOCs:   Like Skill Academy, I haven’t tried yet, but I see that they do offer a Business Administration concentration, so that could be good for making a homemade MBA.   Does anyone out there use  Please let us know what …

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Reviews for Critical Perspectives on Management

The professor from my last MOOC, Critical Perspectives on Management (IE Business School), just posted this link as a way to provide our feedback regarding his MOOC:    I’m new to the Coursetalk site, but it seems like a pretty good setup.  I hope that Coursera and other MOOC providers eventually provide …

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Skill Academy?

The other day I came across a site called Skill Academy: I’m not a member (yet), but it seems like they are essentially a packager of MOOCS.  Is this right?  Is anyone out there using Skill Academy to create their homemade MBAs?   It seems like a pretty good idea, but I’m not …

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Personal MBA Comparison by Lifehack

For those of you homemade MBA-ers out there who are fans of Josh Kaufman’s book, the Personal MBA, take a look at this article on Lifehack:   Leon makes an interesting point about the balance of “hands-on” material vs. theoretical material in Mr. Kaufman’s reading list (which leans strongly towards hands-on).   While …

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