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Don’t be a MOOC Dropout!

For those of you who are new to the MOOC scene, check out this article, Don’t be a MOOC Dropout: How to Survive and Thrive in a Massive Open Online Course, on MOOC News and Reviews .com.

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This intro-to-MOOCs article gives some good basic MOOC advice – such as the importance of having a goal for taking a MOOC.  I took a few MOOCs before starting my homemade MBA project, but I found myself struggling to stay motivated without the clarity and focus that comes from having a goal in mind (e.g. making my homemade MBA).


The article also touches on the importance components throughout the course of your MOOCs – before, during, and after each class.  In the beginning, logistics and site navigation are keys to success.  During the class, it’s all about staying engaged, motivated, and keeping up with the pace of the class (if there are deadlines with penalties).  After the class, make sure to keep in touch with the new people you met through your MOOC.  It took me a few MOOCs to really believe that you can actually network through these courses.


While you will surely develop your own approach to MOOCs, articles like this that give you a taste of what MOOCs are like can be helpful.  Also, take a look at the Coursera course reviews on this site to get a glimpse of what some of Coursera’s business school classes are like.


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