Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence Statements of Accomplishment Released!

After what seems like forever, Coursera and Case Western Reserve University have finally issued the Statements of Accomplishment for Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence!

Image of my Coursera Statement of Accomplishment from Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Statement of Accomplishment: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Case Western Reserve University

As expected, I have posted mine in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of this site.


This was the last of my “first semester” courses, and thus my last outstanding Coursera Statement of Accomplishment.  Now I’m on to semester two, and will have to put in some more hard work if I want more of these Statements to put up!


Also, I’m considering adding these to my LinkedIn profile, or to my resume somehow.  I’m not sure what makes the most sense – do I just make a list and include every course I have completed, pick and choose relevant courses and insert them where appropriate, or just talk about my whole homemade MBA project?


Have any of you done this already?  Suggestions welcome!

Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 26, 2014

This week was pretty hectic at work, so my homemade MBA progress was limited.  I wrote my First Impressions post for Critical Perspectives on Management, but I didn’t make it to the week to material.


Here is this week’s lackluster Gantt chart:

Gantt chart of my homemade MBA progress, January 26, 2014

Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 26, 2014

And the details of my lack of progress this week:

  • Critical Perspectives on Management:  no significant progress this week : (


Not to fear, I’ll charge through the Week 2 material on Monday or Tuesday, and then I’ll make my way to Week 3 as soon as possible.

First Impressions: IE Business School’s Critical Perspectives on Management

The first course in semester two of my homemade MBA is Critical Perspectives on Management, brought to us via Coursera from IE Business School in Spain.  I have completed the first week of material, and here’s what I think so of it so far.


Professional video lectures

Critical Perspectives on Management has some of the best video lectures I’ve seen yet.  So far, it’s an interesting combination of the green-screen approach that Darden used with Foundations of Business Strategy, and the in-class recording approach that Wharton used in Corporate Finance (see image below).

A screenshot of the Critical Perspectives on Management introductory video

Critical Perspectives on Management intro video

The majority of the content are recordings of the on-campus class like Wharton’s, but with some noticeable editing (for example, see image below).

A screenshot of the Critical Perspectives on Management week one video

Nice combination of in-class and green-screen approaches

This combination works well, and is far superior to just recorded in-class lectures.  I’m sure it will make for some rather long videos, but so far they have been good about splitting the videos up into shorter segments based on the topics covered in class.  I’m impressed with the quality thus far.


Critical Perspectives on Management is also (I think) the first course I have taken as part of my homemade MBA that uses multiple cameras, from different angles, to record the in-class lectures.  This makes for much more visually appealing video lectures, and makes you feel more like you are there with the professor and students.  Well done, guys!  Hopefully other courses will start doing this as well.

A screenshot of the Critical Perspectives on Management introductory video showing multiple camera angles

Multiple camera angles in Critical Perspectives on Management


A screenshot of the Critical Perspectives on Management introductory video showing multiple camera angles

Multiple camera angles in Critical Perspectives on Management


This professor is unique

To my knowledge, this is the first business class I have taken in my homemade MBA project that is not taught by a “business school professor.”  Instead, this professor is a Historian by background.  I think this subtle twist is going to make this class more fun, as I think there will be more novel approaches, discussions, and analyses from a Historian.  Maybe not, but hopefully.  I think the Week one material has already been raising some eyebrows (in a good way) amongst the students because the lecture was an analysis of the grain market in ancient Rome.  Not a typical business-school example!



I like the simplicity of this course – lectures, reading, and quizzes.  There are no superfluous requirements.  Perhaps it’s just because I’m coming from Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, where I was annoyed with all the chaos going on, but I foresee enjoying the simplicity of this class structure.


As with all of these First Impressions posts, please keep in mind that they are exactly that – my first impressions of a course.  It is plausible, perhaps even likely, that my first impression will be wrong and my opinion of the course will change over time.  Please read my Full Review posts in the My Homemade MBA Curriculum section (written upon completion of the course) for the full story.

Join me for Semester 2 of my Homemade MBA!

This year, don’t just follow along with my progress reports – it’s time to get in the game!  Why don’t you join me for the second semester of my homemade MBA project?!


It just dawned on me that most of you who come across this site are probably either making your own homemade MBAs, or are interested in making your own version of a do-it-yourself MBA at some point in the future.  Well, the time is now.


It’s easy…to join, all you need to do is enroll in the following Coursera courses:

These are free, online class offered by Coursera, a trusted Massive Open Online Course provider.


These four courses will take you through “part 2” of my self-study MBA.  We will start right now with Critical Perspectives on Management, and will end at the beginning of June when Globalization and You is completed.


The workload should start off around four hours per week, then climb to a maximum of around 24 hours per week for a short period of time in April (when Financial Markets, Intro to Public Speaking, and Globalization and You are all going at the same time), then drop back down to about six hours per week for May and June.


Not convinced?  Here are a few more reasons why you should join me:

  • First of all, there are only four classes scheduled for this semester, which is a pretty reasonable workload (for those of us who are doing this part time, while working a normal job)
  • Secondly, these courses all come from very reputable universities including: IE Business School, Yale, and University of Washington
  • Third, everything is absolutely 100% free through Coursera, one of the best MOOC providers
  • And finally, we can discuss our thoughts and opinions about the courses through this website as we are taking them – almost as if we are an MBA cohort


I strongly encourage you to join me – even if just for one class and not all four.  If you haven’t tried Coursera, or a MOOC before, what better time to start??  We can discuss the classes on this site as we are taking them, and I can help answer any Coursera-related questions if you have any.


Those of you who are in the classes already, or want to join me this semester, give me a shout in the comments section below!

Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 20, 2014

Now that I’m back into study mode for the second semester of my Homemade MBA, I’m getting back in the habit of letting you know how things are going with my weekly progress reports.


Last week, I made my way through the first Week of material in Critical Perspectives on Management from IE Business School.  As usual, I will make a separate First Impressions post to give you my detailed thoughts on this class from what I can tell by the first week of content.


Here is my updated Gantt chart:

Gantt Chart of my Homemade MBA, January 20, 2014 update

Homemade MBA Progress Report: January 20, 2014

And a line or two about what we did this week:

  • Critical Perspectives on Management:  completed Week 1 material including video lectures, assigned reading, and a quiz.


This update was short and sweet.  Stay tuned for my First Impressions post if you want more information about Critical Perspectives on Management.

Intro to Marketing Coursera course review posted

What great timing?  As I was writing this review of the Wharton MBA Foundation Series Introduction to Marketing course, Coursera was kind enough to release the Statements of Accomplishment!  So, in case you are wondering if I really did take it or not – see for yourself on the Statements of Accomplishment page!


As you will see from the full review, I really enjoyed Intro to Marketing.  I think that Wharton, and the professors, did a great job of packaging a graduate-level intro course into a MOOC-friendly format.  While at nine weeks the class was pretty long, I never found myself bored or wanting it to end.


For those of you who took Intro to Marketing with me, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments section under the full-text course review article.

Homemade MBA Semester 2 Kick-off!

For those of you that follow this site, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted my usual Progress Reports for the last few weeks.  This is because, save a few cosmetic changes to the website, I haven’t had much to do on my homemade MBA project the last few weeks.  But that’s about to change…


Although it’s not a “Progress Report”, in the spirit of the currently ongoing NFL Playoffs let’s call this the “Kick-off” of my second semester of my homemade MBA.  Yesterday, the first Week of material was released for Critical Perspectives on Management from IE Business School, so I can finally dive in to some new content.  I watched the video-introduction to the class on Saturday, and this class looks like it will be great.


Just for fun, here is an updated Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA "Semester 2"

Homemade MBA “Semester 2”

As this is my only class for the moment, there isn’t the big class-by-class breakdown that I had a few months ago in my “first semester” of my homemade MBA project.  Thad said, here’s a line or two about what we did this week:

  • Critical Perspectives on Management:  watched the introductory video, read through the course syllabus, and started to work on Week one. This looks like it will be a very well-produced class.  I’ll get into more details on a First Impressions post once I have gone through the Week 1 material.


I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things on Coursera and on my Homemade MBA project.  This semester should be a bit more enjoyable, as I can focus on one class at a time for a change.  I hope that gives me some time to be a bit more thorough in my review posts, as well as more time to soak up the course material.


For those of you also taking Critical Perspectives on Management, good luck!

Corporate Finance Statements of Accomplishment Released!

Great news for those of us who earned enough points to “pass” Wharton’s Introduction to Corporate Finance class on Coursera – the Statements of Accomplishment have been released!

Finance Statement of Accomplishment

Finance Statement of Accomplishment

I also posted this in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of my site.


I’m not sure what took so long for Wharton/Coursera to send these out. In my previous Coursera classes, the Statements of Accomplishment are typically sent out a week or two after the class, and this one took over a month.   I like to think that both Wharton and Coursera were being extra careful with these Statements of Accomplishment because this was such a difficult class, but who knows?  Either way, I’m really happy to have this little .pdf!


It’s funny how something as simple as a Statement of Accomplishment, or a Certificate, or any other form of authentication can be such a motivational force.  I find myself willing to do the extra work it takes to earn the statement in these Coursera classes even though I think you could learn about as much without earning the required percentage.  Although, I will admit that building this website has been a secondary motivator to earn the statements as well.


What do you think?  Are you motivated by certificates, awards, or statements of accomplishment like this?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 22, 2013

This week I finished Marketing and Leadership.  These were the last two courses I needed to finish this “semester” in order to stay on track with my Homemade MBA plan.  That means I get a break for the next few weeks!

This week’s Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 22, 2013

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 22, 2013

Here is my class-by-class breakdown of last week:

  • Marketing:  I took the final this week, which is the last step of this class.  I should be receiving a statement of accomplishment in this one when they are released in the next few weeks.
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence:  I watched the last week of content (Week 8), and completed the various assignments.  I also completed the final this week.  As far as I know, I am done with this class.  (However, one of the assignments didn’t load properly for me, so I’m going to check on it again a few more times to see if it works later).


Now that I have finished Marketing and Leadership, I’m very happy to get a bit of a break from Coursera and my Homemade MBA coursework over the holidays.  I will use this time to clean up my website and make sure all is in order before my Critical Perspectives on Management class starts next year.


In the meantime, I hope all of you other Homemade MBA-ers out there have a nice break from your courses this year, and enjoy some much deserved relaxation over the holidays!

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 15, 2013

This was a big week.  I completed two courses – Wharton’s Intro to Operations Management, and Wharton’s Intro to Corporate Finance.  I was pretty nervous about the Corporate Finance final, but in the end I didn’t think it was too bad.  I’ll take that as a sign that I actually learned some Finance!


I also wrote three Coursera course reviews – one for International Organizations Management, Introduction to Operations Management, and Introduction to Corporate Finance.  I haven’t received the Statements of Accomplishment for Operations Management or Corporate Finance yet, but I should get them in the next week or two.  For those of you reading this who also took those courses, please take a look at my reviews and leave your own feedback in the comments sections.


This week’s Gantt chart:

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 15, 2013

Homemade MBA Progress Report: December 15, 2013


Here is my class-by-class breakdown of last week:

  • Operations:  The last round of peer evaluations were finally released, and I completed my share.  That was my last task for this class, and I can happily say that this one is finished.  I enjoyed this class, and give you the full story in my Operations course review in the Curriculum section of this site.
  • Marketing:  Well, I was wrong about being able to complete Marketing this week, as the final won’t be released until late in my evening on December 15.  This week, I finished the last video lectures (by the way, what’s up with Week 9 having 3x the video length of the other weeks??), and now I’m just waiting on the final to be released.  I will take the final next week and that’ll be it for this one!
  • Corporate Finance:  Woohoo! I finished Finance!  I was glad to find out that the final wasn’t timed, because it allowed me to start/stop and continue the final in bits and pieces as and when I had some free time.  According to my calculation, I should receive a Statement of Accomplishment in this class as soon as they release them.  I also wrote my full review for this class which is available here.
  • Leadership through Emotional Intelligence:  I kept up with Leadership this week by finishing my personal vision, and completing the Week 7 material.  Next week should be the last week of new material.  I’m not sure if the final will also be released, or if I’ll have to wait a bit longer.


Next week, I hope to finish Marketing and, if the release the final exam, Leadership.  If so, that would give me a nice break for the holidays.  I could then spend a little more time writing some course reviews and polishing up this site.  Stay tuned!