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On-demand: The Future of Learning with MOOCs

As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) gain more momentum and credibility, people are beginning to consider the impact of on-demand learning to both the college experience and professional development.   In a great article titled “The Future of Professional Development: Online, Free, and Just-in-Time,” by Jeff Selingo, the author of College (Un)Bound, we consider the …

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Review of Wharton’s Intro to Financial Accounting

I just posted my review of Wharton’s Intro to Financial Accounting Coursera course under the Curriculum section of this site.  For the record, I did complete this course in its entirety.  I watched every video, laughed at (or rolled my eyes at) every Accounting joke or pun, and got to know my virtual classmates and …

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First Impressions: Wharton’s Coursera Intro to Accounting

Perhaps it’s too early to judge? (I’m only in Week 2 of 10)  Perhaps accounting is just that boring?  Either way, so far Wharton’s Intro to Financial Accounting course on Coursera pales in comparison to the UVA Darden Business Strategy Coursera class in almost every way.  Let me explain.   First, the Accounting class’ video …

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