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Sep 06

On-demand: The Future of Learning with MOOCs

As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) gain more momentum and credibility, people are beginning to consider the impact of on-demand learning to both the college experience and professional development.   In a great article titled “The Future of Professional Development: Online, Free, and Just-in-Time,” by Jeff Selingo, the author of College (Un)Bound, we consider the …

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Jan 10

Corporate Finance Statements of Accomplishment Released!

Great news for those of us who earned enough points to “pass” Wharton’s Introduction to Corporate Finance class on Coursera – the Statements of Accomplishment have been released! I also posted this in the in the Statements of Accomplishment section of my site.   I’m not sure what took so long for Wharton/Coursera to send these …

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Dec 13

Review of Introduction to Corporate Finance

I just posted my review of of Wharton’s Introduction to Corporate Finance Coursera course under the Curriculum section of this site. Perhaps this review of Intro to Corporate Finance is a touch premature, being that I haven’t received my official Statement of Accomplishment yet, but it should arrive in short order so I figured I …

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Nov 09

First Impressions: Wharton’s Coursera Intro to Corporate Finance

This is the real deal. This class IS Intro to Corporate Finance exactly as you would take it at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.  I’m shocked that this is the real thing, but offered for free on Coursera.  How do I know it’s the real thing?  Because the professor spent a few minutes …

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