Join me for Semester 2 of my Homemade MBA!

This year, don’t just follow along with my progress reports – it’s time to get in the game!  Why don’t you join me for the second semester of my homemade MBA project?!   It just dawned on me that most of you who come across this site are probably either making your own homemade MBAs, …

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Using Coursera for my Homemade MBA: Thoughts on Coursera so far

In my previous post about my homemade MBA curriculum, I mentioned that I am dependent on Coursera for 100% of my homemade MBA courses, and that I think that’s a good thing.  I’d like to take a minute here to explain why I like Coursera based on my experience so far of taking three Coursera …

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Homemade MBA Curriculum – Choosing my ‘hMBA’ Courses

In my previous post about my homemade MBA plan, I showed a Gantt chart of my homemade MBA curriculum.  This is a great way to visualize my plan, but not the best way to explain why I chose the courses I did.  This post will go through a description of each course I am taking, …

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