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Homemade MBA Progress Report: June 29, 2014

Homemade MBA Progress Report 6-26-2014

This week I started the final course in my Homemade MBA plan – Globalization and You.  You can see my first impressions here in my appropriately named First Impressions: Globalization and You post.   Back to my beloved Gantt charts!  I haven’t updated these in a while, mainly because it wasn’t as critical to keep …

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Late Curriculum Addition – Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

I’m adding a new course to my homemade MBA!  I’m about half-way through my original homemade MBA plan, and I hate to make a change this late in the game (let alone making more work for myself…), but I think this course will fill a gap in my plan.   I’m adding Inspiring Leadership through …

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Progress Report: October 8, 2013

This weekend I was quite industrious and made a lot of progress on Coursera.  However, I did have to sacrifice making my scheduled progress report this weekend, but that’s ok.  Here’s a quick recap of what I covered since my last update.   First, I updated my homemade MBA plan (see below) because one of …

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Progress Report: September 15, 2013

To make sure I stay on track, and to let you all know how things are going, I’m going to try to post a progress report once a week.  In these progress reports I will update my homemade MBA plan Gantt chart, and see how things are going. My main progress this week was on …

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My homemade MBA plan

After a little more thought and a few revisions, I have arrived at my homemade MBA plan: Don’t you love Gantt charts?  I do.  Anyways, if you look at the chart, the obvious concern here is the overlapping courses in September and October.  According to the time estimates listed on Coursera, this could amount to …

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